The Society of St. Vincent de Paul operates a charitable Pharmacy program in Coastal Mississippi for the poor and needy who can not afford the high cost of pharmaceuticals necessary to care for their health conditions.


The Pharmacy has two locations:


Biloxi: at 715 Division Street, at Division & Main, in the Coastal Family Health Building.

Hours: Tuesday 9 AM to Noon  -  interviews, by appointment only.

            Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM  -  prescription pick-up only.


Bay St. Louis: at 3066 Longfellow Rd., Module #23

Open 2x per month


You can contact the Pharmacy via 228-374-9097.

Please visit our St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy website.


Bridging a Gap in Health Care

The Pharmacy is a non-profit agency with an innovative approach to filling the gap in health care services. Founded in 1998, our tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization has provided free prescription services to more than 4000 medically needy South Mississippians.

Our goal is to provide prescription medicine to individuals on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who cannot afford to purchase needed medicine and to facilitate those individuals' access to all available resources for their prescription needs.

The prescription medicines provided serve as a bridge between medical disability and remaining gainfully employed, and in many cases between shelter, food, or medicine.

The Pharmacy does not discriminate by religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or age. The Pharmacy's staff and the people it serves reflects its community.

The Pharmacy is licensed by the State of Mississippi and operates under the same guidelines as a regular pharmacy. However, it does differ from a regular pharmacy in several ways. It is not licensed to dispense controlled substances such as narcotics. It is staffed completely by volunteers, including its pharmacists and Director. Also, it may not have all requested medicines.

Although the Pharmacy serves all age groups, most individuals are adults age 35 to 64 for whom there are few federal or state programs.

Pharmacy Facts

  • Service to Coastal Mississippi with offices in Biloxi and Bay St. Louis.
  • Over 5,000 people served since opening in1998.
  • Provides over $1.4 million dollars worth of free medicine to the needy each year.
  • 98% of total budget is spent on medicine.
  • An all-volunteer staff including pharmacists. There are no paid employees on staff. Over 60 volunteers work each week to administer the program.
  • No fees. All serviices and medicine provided at no charge.
  • Offers clients free referral service to the pharmaceutical companies' "patient Assistance Programs".
  • Only service of its kind in South Mississippi.

In addition to providing prescriptions, the Pharmacy serves as a referral network connecting people to other supportive resources.

Significant funding for the Pharmacy comes in part from pharmaceutical samples donated by Coast physicians. These donations account for two-thirds of the medicine dispensed by the Pharmacy. The remainder of the Pharmacy's funding comes through grants, private donations, and special events. The Pharmacy is not a United Way agency.

Referrals to the Pharmacy program come from social service agencies, churches, physicians, hospitals, and other organizations. Program participation is income and resource specific.

Qualifying For Help

With the high cost of prescription medicines, everyone feels the impact of medicine costs on their budget. The SVDP Community Pharmacy is a pharmacy of last resort. In order to qualify for assistance, you must have exhausted your resources, including savings, and demonstrate that you have no way to purchase the medicine yourself. The financial screening requires documented proof of all income and other resources and all bills paid for the current month. Eligibility is granted for no longer than six months at which time you have to re-apply.

The Pharmacy staff will also assist individuals at no charge in accessing other resources for prescription coverage such as the subsidy for low-income individuals with Medicare Part D and the "Patient Assistance Programs" associated with the pharmaceutical companies.

Applying For Help

If you, or someone you know, needs help acquiring their prescription medicine, call 228-374-9097 and request an appointment. Appointments are scheduled for Tuesday mornings. At the appointment you will need to bring financial documents (listed below) and written prescriptions for the needed medicine.

The Pharmacy will assist Medicaid recipients with prescriptions in excess of the five provided by Medicaid. If you receive Medicaid and need additional help, please bring a pharmacy print out showing all five medicines you currently receive through Medicaid to your initial appointment.

Documents to Bring

When applying for eligibility to the Pharmacy program, you will need to bring documentation for:

Income: A copy of last month's bank statement showing deposits is the preferred document. We will also accept a letter from Social Security stating the amount you receive for the current year, or your latest pay stubs. All income must be documented including any savings accounts, IRAs, CDs, etc.

Expenses: The Pharmacy requires documentation of all bills you paid in the previous month. Documents must include date, amount paid, and who was paid.


  • Utilities - electric, gas, water
  • Car payments
  • Car insurance
  • Medical bills
  • Medical insurance
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Home insurance
  • Credit card bills
  • Medicaid recipients - current list of five medicines obtained via Medicaid

Support the Pharmacy

To support the Community Pharmacy, you may send financial contributions to:

St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy

P.O. Box 1228

Biloxi, MS 39533

You may also donate to the Pharmacy via this website. If you do so, please note that your donation is for the Pharmacy.

If your donation is in memoriam or an honorarium, please provide the names and addresses for acknowledgement.

All donations are tax deductible.


Essential Elements of the Society

The essential elements of the Society are:






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