Our saints

St. Vincent de PaulSt. Vincent de Paul

A priest who founded the Confraterinties of Charity, the Congregation of the Mission, the Ladies of Charity, and the Vincentian Priests - all to serve the poor.
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St Louise de MarillacSt. Louise de Marillac

Collaborated with St. Vincent de Paul to found the Daughters of Charity.

St. Louise de Marillac is the patroness of social workers.
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Bl. Frederic OzanamBl. Frederic Ozanam

Founder, along with six fellow university students, of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 1833. Ozanam's mission was clear - help the needy on a one-to-one basis and "accomplish through charity what justice alone cannot do."
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Bl. Rosalie RenduBl. Rosalie Rendu

A Daughter of Charity who dedicated her life to serving the poor. To assist all the suffering, Sr. Rosalie opened a free clinic, a pharmacy, a school, an orphanage, a childcare center, a youth club for young workers and a home for the elderly without resources.

Soon a whole network of charitable services would be established to counter poverty. She collaborated with Bl. Frederic Ozanam in the building of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.
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Bl. Pier Giorgio FrassatiBl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

An active member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society which he joined in 1918. He dedicated much of his spare time to serving the sick and needy.

Bl. Pier is designated as a special patron of the SVDP Archdiocesan Council of Mobile.
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The Society was founded in Paris over 175 years ago in 1833, by a young French nobleman, Bl. Frederic Ozanam, to confront his city's devastating poverty. Inspired by his love of St. Vincent de Paul, a 17th century French priest who had an untiring commitment to serving the poor, Ozanam's mission was clear - help the needy on a one-to-one basis and "accomplish through charity what justice alone cannot do."

Two years later in 1833, challenged by Saint-Simonians at the University of Paris to practice what he preached, Ozanam and some other like-minded students formed the Conference of Charity and held the charter meeting in May of that year. Starting with less than eight members, the conference membership soared to more than one hundred in 1834. It was Ozanam who believed that the original conferences must divide into more units in order to service better the needy. By 1835, the society had its own official rule and a new official name: The Society of Saint Vincent DePaul.
The Society took Saint Vincent de Paul as its patron under the influence of Sister Rosalie Rendu, DC (Daughter of Charity). Sister Rosalie (who was beatified in 2004 by Pope John Paul II) was a member of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, a group of religious women who take vows to serve the poor and those in need, founded by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac in 1633. Sister Rosalie, who was well known for her work with the most poverty stricken people in the slums of Paris, guided Blessed Frédéric and his companions in their approach towards those in need.
The Society grew rapidly from the start. There were already over 2000 members when Frederic Ozanam died in 1853. Bl. Frederic was beatified in 1996.

The Society in Biloxi

The Society has beeen a part of Biloxi for over a hundred years as the first Conference was established in the 1890s. For the past 110 years, Vincentians have been serving the needy throughout the area of the Diocese of Biloxi by way of many SVDP conferences.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Diocesan Council of Biloxi, MS, is part of a worldwide organization of lay Catholic men and women who are committed to live and grow in their Christian faith through prayer and personal involvement in charitable works. The Society’s mission is accomplished through parish and community-based groups called Conferences (volunteers) and programs called “Special Works.” The Society’s work includes any actions that promote the dignity of the person, alleviate suffering and distress, while correcting the conditions that cause them.


“No Act of Charity is Foreign to the Society.”

These SVDP annual reports provide an insight at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul work.

2006-07 Diocesan Council Annual Report (.pdf file)

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Diocesan Council of Biloxi / P.O. Box 4098 / Biloxi, MS 39531

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